Who We Are

Welcome to the Armed Forces Service Center web site. Through the efforts of AFSC, thousands of military personnel travelers have a place to call home at the Military Hospitality Lounge at Miami International Airport.

Our Mission:

Providing our military personnel, veterans, and their families a comfortable place to rest while traveling through the Miami International Airport.

Our Hospitality:

Our mission here is simple …. hospitality … a home away from home. What do we mean by that? Warmth and friendliness in our welcome. A comfortable, and tidy, place in which to pass the time. Snacks and cold drinks at the ready. Helping out guests who may need extra assistance or attention. A “thank you for your service” in our goodbye. This we must get right, every time.

Our Appreciation:

We appreciate, and honor, those who serve or have served our country. We appreciate our volunteers who freely give their time and labor. We appreciate our donors, community partners and the many others who enable us to open our doors every day.

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